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International Organizations
International Society for Individual Liberty
European Libertarians
European Ludwig von Mises Institute
Freedom Party International
Libertarian International

International Libertarian Parties
Libertarian Party of Canada Ontario Libertarian Party British Columbia Libertarian Party Libertarian Party of Costa Rica Libertarian Party of Germany Libertarian Party of Netherlands Libertarian Party Of New Zealand

International Libertarian Organizations (By Nation)
Australian Libertarian Society United Civil Party of Belarus Liberalni Institute Libertas (Denmark) Jaan Tõnisson Institute Institute For Economic Studies (France) (German) (Greece) (Iceland) Italy Lithuanian Free Market Institute (Norway) Club Of Liberals (Romania) Moscow Libertarium  Movement For The Protection Of Human Rights (Serbia/Montenegro) Society for the Study of Human Action (Spain) (Sweden) (Switzerland) Switzerland ISIL Affiliate The Adam Smith Institute (United Kingdom) Libertarian Alliance (United Kingdom) The Freedom Association (United Kingdom)